Pre-mobile that can save mobile use fee

 Recently, popular Nanoha, but is "iPhone5", the penetration rate of the combined "smartphone" and "conventional mobile" is considerable.
There is a thing called prepaid mobile in it, in the increasingly popular among some, but is the more popular models sold out immediately in the pre-mobile festival, even people who do not actually know what the contents of the mono I think many.

 Since the companies that are dealing with prepaid cell phone, but there is a "SoftBank", "au", Softbank (pre-Mobile) has many models, it is recommended.

 Briefly prepaid mobile, is the mobile phone of the scheme that paid in advance and call charges and mail bills.
Call, etc., if you run out of money that was paid in advance, it has become a mechanism that can be used to continue to buy a prepaid card at convenience stores.

 Pre-mobile advantages and features of SoftBank is, if @ monthly basic fee for use up to the 30th S! Mail (MMS) SMS / Deco-mail is e-mail to all-you-can-B additional registration FREE A300 yen (recharge), C Softbank international calls that can be utilized in the same number will more unnecessary and the available D model application, but the one-segment TV television viewing camera function music player function · TV call · Wi-Fi feature is available.

 The biggest feature of the pre-mobile, buy at a very cheap price, and that it can be used, for one year also used up the charge amount, is excellent as it functions as a standby machine. However, the Internet, can not be connected.

 Since there is such a feature, depending on the use and use people, it will say that the mobile phone which can be very saving. So, we'll try to raise a good example whether and how a person uses.

@ Always people who use too much call charges and usage fees, (you can from scratch by creating a framework of the use amount limit)
(all-you-can-mail in just 300 yen) person A call is often used in small mail-only
B WAITING (you can save monthly basic charge) many people than make a phone call
C mobile black person (advance payment scheme that because I think that it is no problem)
and if D Internet unnecessary, be put to very cheap hand portable can. Comicomi 5,079 yen! ~
even have as a second unit three eyes E form maintenance costs are a lot cheaper. Descendance Canadienne de James Philips Et Mary Hoose - Jacques Philippe

 Since prepaid is the call charges a slightly higher, people often make a phone call, I think that it is unsuitable for the favorite person talk long. (Nationwide equal ¥ 9/6 seconds)

The latest information and update information

Prepaid mobile and prepaid smartphone (pre-mobile) is good to save the fee, but the cheap SIM would also be one of the charms.
Some of the cheap SIM, because some things with numbers, au and DoCoMo, transfer is also possible other than Softbank.
In addition, since it came out also services that are numbered 050, I can now be even more cheaply.